What the hell is this?!

"So, the purpose of this seemingly simple and possibly pointless blog? To be a place where I can voice the many frustrations, ponderations and contemplations that build-up inside my head, allowing me the relieving experience of knowing that someone, somewhere, may possibly agree somewhat with a few of the logical, reasonable yet apparently unorthodox views I often share. So basically a place where I can rant about how stupid things are, and assume that people give actually give a shit."

I am Dominic West. I am a young adult with Asperger's Syndrome. I am interested in philosophy, mixed in with a little bit of psychology, in my own aspie way. I guess 'interested' is a bit of an understatement, I don't really stop thinking about why things are how they are, how they could be different, and is there an ideal way general 'stuff' in life should be. I like to look at society and say 'wow, that's weird' and society likes to look at me, and say the same thing. We have a love-hate relationship.
Philosophy, neuroscience and the study of morality and ethics are my main passions. I tried studying music technology at college but it wasn't for me and now is merely something of a hobby. I've always played musical instruments and have been able to read music for as long as I can remember, and a few years ago became more and more interested in the technology of modern music, before dropping out to investigate my pull towards philosophy. Out of the modern music released, I prefer listening to electronic music genres rather than band music. The 'behind the scenes' part of the music industry really interests me as well, and part of my course involved using recording studios and training to be a sound technician for live gigs. This was all very nice, but philosophy and neuroscience are really the only two subjects that can totally mesmerise me.
I would love to be a neuroscientist at some point in my life, as that is the single career-path that I believe I could never be dissatisfied with. Before then, however, I shall have to navigate through the disciplines of philosophy, neurology, and basic psychology in order to reach my aim of studying the most fascinating organ in the body and how it makes us think and do the things we do.
So yeah, pretty much anything philosophy or neuroscience based is my cup of tea. I'm also kind of interested in autistic-spectrum disorders, which makes sense, as I have one.

I think more people with AS should do things like this, we're no better or worse than everyone else, I just think we have a lot to offer and give a different point of view. Whether listened to or ignored, we might as well try to get our point across and hey, maybe some day a few of us will have important jobs like those little-known aspies no one has ever heard of, such as Albert Einstein, Leonardo Di Vinci, Mozart, Isaac Newton or Bill Gates.